Why create this space?

Life can be difficult. Even when you have planned everything considering even the smallest detail, life can throw you some curved balls that make you rethink everything you have planned for the future. Sometimes, it is frustrating to face situations that you didn’t think could happen to you and that many times you don’t want to face. Those situations make you think and question.
Usually, the first question I ask myself in difficult times is if everything really happens for some reason. People say it all the time, but what if it’s not true? To find the answer to this, I had to look back at the obstacles I faced in the past and what emerged from them. Was there any positive result when faced with the most unexpected moments of life?
We all have to answer this for oneself, but for me, it has always seemed to me that even the worst situations occurred for some reason. Each of them brought a lesson some rewarding and others not. There is always something we can learn from life, especially when you don’t know what is happening or why something is happening. This is what I have learned from my past as I have grown. If growing in experience, wisdom, in the challenges of life and in the path that I have decided to follow. Each step we take leads us to new learning and new challenges.
The challenges create growth, when I have a daily routine that I know I can easily complete at the end of each day, I feel in conflict. On the one hand, it is great to have confidence in what I can achieve, but, on the other hand, life feels stagnant, maybe I could say without wanting to. The only way to experience true personal growth is to accept the unknown in life or face it as my father said “with his pants on.”
In a moment, a change in the vision of what I wanted to do in the professional aspect interrupted my daily routine. I decided to quit my job and had to restructure everything and work on something new every day. Although I could have remained in my former position and remained at that level of success, I decided to try something new and grow from it in the process.
Perseverance builds strength the best way to become a stronger person is to look at what life presents to you and overcome it. When I finished university, I had to write my thesis. We have all gone through various difficult situations that we must act before them. When I decided to continue my postgraduate studies I found an unexpected diagnosis. Instead of losing my mind, I decided to pause for a few days the way I was going to handle this and the importance of taking care of myself first.
Positivity reaps rewards unexpected situations in life are not always bad. See also the good times to learn something that you can hold on to in the future. If you are having a bad day, celebrate small things: maybe you can drive home without traffic or find a beautiful sunset. Thinking positively after unexpected things have happened is something you can turn into a habit. You deserve to receive kindness, joy, well-being in your life, and no other person than you can know what you are going through or feel, however, they can offer you encouragement and positivism.
For those who do not belong to a particular religion, it may sound a bit cheesy to say that everything happens for some reason. Although it is a cliché, I have discovered that it is true in my own life. There is always something you can learn from the unexpected so you can continue to grow as a person and become the best version of yourself.
A routine is something you do because the act of doing it is good for you or prevents something bad that can happen to you. A practice, on the other hand, is something you do to improve something. If you have a yoga practice, you may gain flexibility, balance or strength (or all three). With meditation, the goal is not to improve in meditation; We practice meditation to improve in life. A meditation practice can help improve focus and mood, relieve stress, improve sleep and many other things.
So, a practice is better than a routine, right? No way. Routines are important: imagine what would happen if you didn’t continue with your toothbrushing routine or exercising to stay healthy.
We need routines and practices both routines and practices are necessary. It is important to make the distinction is where something could be a routine or a practice, and only you must decide what the activity is and focus accordingly. One of the good things about routines is that you don’t have to think about them much. Maybe sometimes you consider changing your toothpaste or changing the electric toothbrush marks. But day by day, tooth brushing is probably something you do. And he needs it: none of us has the time or energy to focus on all our healthy habits. If we must focus on those activities that will make us better people, that give us physical and emotional well-being, that reflect what we are truly unique and unrepeatable and move away from the conventions that society often through the media wants us to think we are .
3wg Education… Beyond Academia is a place to meet, dialogue and express about the fundamental things of life; what we aspire and desire for ours, the others and each one of us.


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